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Outage Map

Current Outage Map

Report an Outage

Outages can be reported by:

  • Call (870) 930-3300*
  • Text "OUT" (800) 933-3672*
  • * - Requires mobile phone as primary number on CWL Account. Call CWL Customer Service to update your phone number. Mobile carrier charges may apply.

Report an Emergency

Call 911 to report a life-threatening or emergency situation.

Man working on telephone pole during a power outage

If the outage presents a hazardous situation - such as broken glass or lens, the fixture is in danger of falling, the wires are exposed, the pole is damaged, leaning or knocked down call CWL immediately.

We do suggest when your power goes off that before reporting an electric service interruption, check to see if neighboring homes are still in service. If so, check your home's electric circuit panel.