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Jonesboro City Water & Light
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Deposits will be held as security for payment of electricity, water, wastewater, or any service provided or billed by CWL to a customer at the original or any other address. The deposit plus simple interest will be refunded after final bill settlement for all accounts, or after one year provided an excellent payment record has been established for all accounts.

Property owners residing in residence and who are New Residential Customers will not be required to have a service deposit.

New Residential Customers have the option to have a guarantor sign for them in lieu of a deposit. A guarantor is required to be a currently connected CWL customer with a twelve (12) month satisfactory credit record.

A guarantor would be released from their agreement when the guaranteed customer has established a satisfactory credit record or at the end of a signed 30 day cancellation agreement.

If a guarantor leaves CWL services, the guaranteed customer would be granted 30 days to acquire another guarantor or arrange to pay a deposit.

Residential or Commercial customers may sign a Waiver of Deposit if they meet CWL’s Waiver of Deposit requirements.

The above customer service policy will not affect existing customers if their credit record remains satisfactory. An unsatisfactory credit experience with an existing customer may require deposits as outlined in this policy. Additional deposits may be required for unsatisfactory credit experience.