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Service City () Rural () Other Information
Regular Connect During Office Hours
With Minimum One Day Notice
(City Excludes all Read & Leave Ons)
15 20 Plus deposit if required.
Regular Connect or Disconnect For Same Day
(Includes all Read & Leave Ons)
35 40 Plus deposit if required.
Regular Connector Disconnect After Office Hours
(Includes all Read & Leave Ons)
60 72 Plus deposit if required.

Seasonal disconnect during office
hours with minimum one day notice
Electric 60 72
Water (1" or smaller meter) 30 36
Water (larger than 1" meter) 60 72
Service call during office hours - 25 Charge Only If customer's problem.
Service call after office hours 15 40 Charge Only If customer's problem.
Customer convenience request after hours 60 72 Commercial/ Industrial customers
shall be billed as determined by Engineering.
Customer requested meter test 20 24 If no problem found with meter.
Returned check or draft 25 25
Field collection to avoid disconnect
15 30 Service only for extreme individual cases.

Disconnect for non payment
Reconnect during office hours 35 40 Additional deposit may be required.
Reconnect after office hours 60 72 Additional deposit may be required.
Tampering and/or found on 60 72 Plus damages, including materials,
time, trucks, etc. Additional deposit may be required.
Utility Locate for Engineering and Surveying Purposes Only Estimated cost or $65 minimum charge.
Setting meter on a fire hydrant 60 72 See Fire Hydrant Agreement.
(Rural for construction purposes only) - 72 Requires engineering approval.
Setting meter on temporary electric pole 60 72 Up to 200 amps.
Per trip after second trip to connect 25 30
Sewer inspection after office hours 60 -
Rental per pole for security light
If additional wood poles are required 4/mo - Minimum 1 year contract.

  1. During office hours means 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (Excluding Holidays).
  2. Same day means if order is receivedby 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (Excluding Holidays).
  3. After office hours (or after hours) means if order is received after 4:00 pm Monday - Friday or on Holidays