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Jonesboro City Water & Light
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All electric lines and water mains up to your meters are maintained by City Water & Light.  CWL is also responsible for wastewater lines to your lateral. 

For a complete list of services offered by CWL and their charges click here.

If you have a problem with your service, call us immediately

Things we can take care of...
An outside electrical problem.
Discolored water.
Backed up sewer lines.
Pole rental for a security light.

If the problem is in CWL lines, the serviceperson will make repairs as quickly as practical. If the problem is in your electrical wiring, water or wastewater line, the serviceperson will inform you so you can make the proper arrangements for repairs.

What we can't help with...

Garbage that was not picked up. Please contact the City of Jonesboro Sanitation Department.
A traffic signal that is not working properly. Please contact the City of Jonesboro
Electrical or water permits.
Electrical or water inspections.
A problem with a city street or drain.

Non-CWL phone numbers