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Installation & Cost


The maximum thermal performance or R-value of blanket and batt insulation depends heavily on proper installation. Therefore, it's best to have a certified insulation installer do it. If you'd like to have it done professionally, you should do the following:

  • Obtain written cost estimates from several contractors for the R-value you need. Don't be surprised to find quoted prices for a given R-value installation to vary by more than a factor of two.
  • Ask contractors about their air-sealing services and costs as well, if needed.

To evaluate whether batts were installed properly, you can measure batt thickness and check for gaps between batts.

If you want to install the insulation yourself, carefully follow instructions and the necessary safety precautions. The insulation's manufacturer may offer instructions. You should also check your local building and fire codes.

Blanket (batt or roll) insulation and installation usually costs less than other types of insulation.