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City Water & Light offers a program for landlords called Read and Leave On status. If the landlords have addresses that they do not want disconnected when tenants give CWL disconnect orders, the services would be left on and automatically transferred into the landlord's name. The only time a "Read and Leave On" address would not be left on for the landlord is when the address needs to be disconnected for non-payment of the bill by the current tenant. If the tenant does not pay all charges to have service turned back on in their name, a connect order would need to be requested by the landlord to have the service restored. The normal procedure of a minimum notice of one workday would be required. A request of an immediate service order would require a service charge to be paid.

If the address is set up for the "Read and Leave On status, and the address is still in the landlords name, the landlord may call to check to see if the tenant has had the address placed in his/her name. If the tenant has not, at the landlords request we will disconnect the address with a minimum notice of one workday.

If you wish to ADD addresses as
"Read and Leave On"

Download & Print Form

If you wish to REMOVE addresses as
"Read and Leave On"

Download & Print Form

You may then:

  1. Email a scanned copy of the form to us at
  2. Fax it to us at 870-930-3353
  3. Mail it to us at PO Box 1289, Jonesboro, AR 72403
  4. Bring it to our office at 400 East Monroe


City Water & Light offers a free service for those landlords on the Read and Leave On status who wish to be notified when orders have been placed by tenants to transfer service into their name and when orders have been placed by tenants to discontinue service and we transfer the service back into the landlords name.

If you would like to receive these notifications, please provide us with an e-mail address by contacting customer service at


We require leases and/or receipts for tenants connecting service. At a minimum we require the lease or receipt from the landlord to include the following: *the rental property address, *the full names of all occupants of the property 18 years of age or older and *the lease term.


For customers with multiple service locations, City Water and Light offers Email Group Billing. Instead of receiving individual statements at billing time, customers enrolled in email group billing receive a PDF document and an Excel file that lists a detailed utility breakdown for all properties located in the billing cycle at hand. To enroll in Email Group Billing, please contact our customer service department at 870-930-3300.