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CWL customers’ water usage often increases drastically during the irrigation season. We encourage our customers to be good stewards of our precious water resources. While we realize that certain plants (ex. Flowers) may need to be watered each day, we suggest (not mandate) that customers follow the schedule below for turf irrigation throughout the watering season when practical:

  • Even-numbered addresses (Ex. 400 E. Monroe) – water on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
  • Odd-numbered addresses (Ex. 401 E. Monroe) – water on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

In addition, we recommend that automated irrigation systems be set to operate between the hours of midnight & 6:00 a.m. whenever practical.

Adherence to the requested schedule is most helpful during prolonged hot and dry periods. Again this is just a suggested schedule and not a mandated schedule.

If you have questions, please contact the CWL Engineering Department at 930-3320.


With the predicted weather, we wanted another way to communicate with our customers. Find us on Facebook or Twitter.


CWL is developing plans for an exterior renovation of the Yates building located at 315/317 East Street. The plans should be completed in June with bidding of the project following immediately. This renovation will mostly focus on the front (east) face of the building and not be nearly as extensive as the Post Office building renovation. This renovation will greatly enhance the appearance of the building and increase our potential for finding a tenant to lease the building. Our goal is to complete the renovation by late this year.


Construction of the Farville substation began in the spring of 2013. The majority of the construction and equipment installation is complete. Some wire testing and communication/control wiring is still required. Station completion date remains scheduled for summer of 2014.


CWL is in the process of designing for construction a 69kV transmission line from our Hergett substation to our Farville substation, currently under construction. CWL plans on using steel poles for the line and is in the process of pole design and ordering materials. CWL will utilize a bid process as part of the evaluation of utilizing the CWL workforce versus contract labor. CWL plans to bid the project in September. Completion date is scheduled for summer of 2014.


Phase I of the project is now complete. This results in approximately 8,000’ of 42” gravity sewer line extending from the East Side Wastewater Treatment Plant northward to Krueger Drive. The contract for Phase II has been awarded to Rosetta Construction from Springfield, Missouri, who was also the contractor for Phase I. Rosetta’s bid was $1,835,425, which was well below our consulting engineer’s estimate of $2.3 million. Phase II consists of approximately 13,000’ of 36” gravity sewer from Krueger Drive to the Ellis Lane Lift Station just south of Prospect Road. Rosetta has completed the installation of the four bore casings for Phase II and approximately one mile of the gravity sewer. The project should be completed late this year. This project will allow for decades of growth in Northeast and East Jonesboro.


Long Range Goals

  • System study including placement of flow monitors in individual basins;
  • Analysis and documentation of current projects;
  • Evaluate lift stations and capacity issues;
  • Develop CMOM document;
  • Develop a check list for items that ADEQ typically requires;
  • Work on CWL communication and organization (software, record keeping, etc.);
  • Evaluate preventive maintenance, public relations, and overall management of wastewater system.

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